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[lang_de]We did it ! ! ! After a long time and depositions, with pleasure we’re happy to announce a new AIX fan site is going to see the light of the world. This project resulted from fun playing and the innumerable hours of testing new features. We hope that this website sparks the interest in AIX and brings in new gamers to the life of Allied Intent Xtended (AIX). The Community would like to give thanks to the “DEV TEAM” in particular for the troubles they went through in developing this modification for Battlefield 2.

Very special kudos goes to:

  • Kysterama
  • DasRoach
  • Clivewil
  • R4ZOR49

BlackCats is a name that nearly everyone in the AIX Community knows. Real big kudos to BlackCats for her cooperation and professional graphics, she made available for us. For the ingenious Screenshots we say kudos to Gerhart. Last but not least we like to give thanx to Devilman for his ongoing support. Even when his talkings got on someones wick sometimes. (Shut Up Devilman :-D ) [/lang_de][lang_de]

Following is a short description where i’d like to introduce our AIX fan side a bit:


In the upper right corner we have that Sitemap button, here you’ll find a separate navigation menue with all main categories, as well as all other pages which are inaccessible from mainpage.


We made a phpBB3 forum available, where your questions and suggestions are gladly welcome. If you have some problems in using English language that’s no big deal. The forum is meant for German as well as English users, so postings in both languages do suit.


Short info to Links, which are present on the fan side. ALL active Links are indicated blue and mouseover effects in red/underlined. When you’ll find a text that is written in red it’s a Link that is still inactive. We hope that you like this site and that this project will remain active for a long time. greetz AIX Fansite[/lang_de]

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